Importance of animal welfare for companies by the renowned physiotherapist and animal activist Robert Stravinsky


Dr. Robert Stravinsky is a physical therapist with over 5 years of experience who will help you improve your health and well-being with advanced practices. He is in charge of evaluating his patients to provide an individual health care service and develop a timely treatment plan.
Why animal welfare is important for companies
Robert Stravinsky, in addition to being a renowned Waltham physiotherapist, is an animal welfare activist. He is involved with different non-profit organizations to help animals and is proud to be able to work for the welfare of animals of all kinds.
For this reason, he has created a variety of blogs that talk about this topic to make companies aware of the importance of animal welfare to succeed. How a company treats animals will impact its reputation, which can attract or alienate its customers.
According to Robert Stravinsky, the main reasons why animal welfare is important to companies are:
• Animal welfare is important to your customers
Today, many people care about animal welfare and look for companies that share these values. Animal cruelty is a very important issue, especially for animal lovers. Consumers are not willing to buy products from companies that support or participate in animal cruelty.
• Animal welfare is important to your reputation
For the physical therapist and philanthropist Robert Stravinsky, his company’s treatment of animals will speak to his values. If his company is among the companies that mistreat animals, its reputation will go down, and it will not attract new customers.
Negative comments on social networks can damage your reputation, and your company will not achieve the desired success.
• Animal welfare is important to your employees
If your company supports animal welfare, employees who love these creatures will be able to work at ease. Companies that treat animals inhumanely are more likely to find dedicated, professional, and qualified employees.
For Stravinsky, animal welfare is very important for the development of companies both in the United States and worldwide. He believes investing in animal welfare is essential for greater personal and commercial benefit.