Marijuana Legale for Pain Relief: Top Strains to Try From CBD Therapy



ain’t just for gettin’ high anymore! Nowadays, this little green herb can be
used to faciliate pain relief too, thanks to its cannabidiol (CBD) content. So
if you’re strugglin’ with achiness or sore joints and have considered reaching
for a joint to give yourself a bit o’ relief, why not try out one of the top
strains of Marijuana Legale instead?


bred for their higher-than-average levels of CBD and low THC content, each of
these marijuana strains are capable of delivering an array of health benefits,
without any of that woozy, out-of-it feeling. Whether you suffer from chronic
pain or temporary discomfort due to a workout or injury, these budz could be
just what the doctor ordered.


So, what are
some of the most popular strains of Marijuana Legale available for pain relief?
Let’s take a look.


there’s Harlequin – a tried and tested favorite amongst medicators who want the
pain relief without the psychoactive side effects. With a 5:2 ratio of CBD to
THC, Harlequin is a hybrid strain that comes with earthy, fruity flavors and a
host of different therapeutic benefits.


Next up is
AC/DC, an indica-dominant strain whose name speaks volumes. This stuff packs a
whopping 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC, providing those who medicate with it a
clear-headed, energised experience. Those who’ve used it to combat pain report
impressive results, and while it may not be as flavorful as some of its
counterparts, AC/DC is highly effective at tackling inflammation.


If it’s a
more mellow experience you’re after, then Sour Tsunami could be worth a try.
Unlike Harlequin and AC/DC, this Sativa-dominant strain has much higher levels
of THC in comparison to CBD, although it’s still low enough to be classified as
a CBD-rich strain. Sour Tsunami is known for providing users with an uplifted,
happy sensation and can be used to gain relief from both physical and mental


there’s Charlotte’s Web – the Godfather of Marijuana Legale and perhaps the
most famous medicinal strain out there. Originally developed to help a young
girl overcome her frequent seizures, Charlotte’s Web has helped countless other
patients find relief from all sorts of conditions, including arthritis and
muscle spasms. It contains no psychoactive properties and delivers a pleasant,
soothing feeling to those who ingest it.


As you can
see, there’re loads of strains of CBD-rich weed perfect for alleviating both
acute and chronic pain. The trick is finding the right one for you, so don’t be
afraid to experiment with different variations until you find the one that
works best. Good luck, and remember – when it comes to medicating with
cannabis, always consult your physician before embarking on your journey.


One of the
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The company
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CBD Therapy
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CBD Therapy
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cannabis they produce and sell is safe and effective. The company provides
comprehensive guides and resources to help customers understand the effects of
different varieties of Marijuana Legale and points out which can be used to
treat specific medical conditions.


company’s narrow-leaved plantain strain of cannabis is especially popular among
patients seeking relief from chronic pain and inflammation. This variety of
cannabis features higher amounts of CBD, low levels of THC, and abundant
terpene levels, which give it its superb potency, potency and purity.


CBD Therapy
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These products are perfect for making your own edibles, tinctures, salves, and
more. All products are lab tested for quality, and CBD Therapy guarantees that
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scientific research on how CBD works to combat pain and inflammation and
promote overall wellbeing.


Therapy’s website provides a variety of educational resources and guides for
how to grow cannabis and the effects of different varieties. Customers can find
detailed product descriptions and reviews about each strain,
helping them better understand the benefits and
potential effects of Marijuana Legale.


CBD Therapy provides an online support system with experienced professionals
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With years
of experience in the cannabis industry, CBD Therapy is one of the most reliable
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