What Does It Take to Be A Top Track Cyclist? By Marty Nothstein


Track cycling is all about speed. It’s the fastest way to get around the track, and if you’re looking for an edge in your cycling career, it might be the right choice for you, but what does it take to be a top track cyclist? Are you up to the challenge? Let’s find out.
Calories, And More Calories
If you’re a cyclist like Marty Nothstein, then calories are your lifeblood. You need them to fuel your workouts and build up muscle. You need them just as much as an Olympic swimmer does, but the difference is that cyclists don’t have access to pools or lakes, they have to train on land.
For this reason alone and if we’re being honest, track cyclists are more likely than most other athletes in their sport who train in water environments such as swimming pools or lakes, where there’s no shortage of food available.
At any given moment due to snacks from spectators sitting around watching practice sessions or competitions happening nearby between swimmers taking place simultaneously with yours.
Train Like A Pro
To be a top track cyclist, you need to train like a pro and pro cyclists are known for their ability to ride hard and fast for short periods of time, then recover quickly so that they can do it again the next day.
This means that most workouts should be short and intense, less than an hour at most and you should try to fit them in when your body is fresh, ideally first thing in the morning.
Marty Nothstein To get started with your training plan, figure out what kind of workout will best suit your needs: if you want more speed or endurance; if you need help recovering from injury; or if there’s some other area where improvement will make a difference in how well you perform on race day.
Then choose some specific drills based on those needs; these could include things like hill repeats or sprints against an imaginary opponent who is chasing after him/herself around cones set up across their path at varying distances away from each other.