What You Can Change About Transportation and the Economy by Dayne Yeager


For decades, trucking has played a significant role in the economy. Every year, the trucking business transports about 70% of the $7 trillion value of goods that are shipped by road. Trucks can transport heavier loads than trains or airplanes, and they are also more economical than using several different types of vehicles to transport smaller amounts over long distances. Despite the necessity of transportation to the overall economy, there are still some structural issues that limit the expansion of this vital industry.

The Major Transportation Expense Components

Fuel, insurance, and tires make up the top three costs associated with transportation. Depending on the sort of vehicle being driven and the location being traveled, different fuel prices apply-driving through mountains vs. flat land. All commercial cars are required by law to have insurance, which varies based on your business’s size, driving history, and your location. Tire maintenance is essential because worn tires increase the risk of accidents or breakdowns, which may delay deliveries and adversely impact your bottom line if customers are dissatisfied with their orders when they are delivered late.

What Impact Do Taxation Have On The Economy

An economy is the sum of all the products and services produced in a country or region. Despite its size, it can be broken down into smaller pieces, according to truck specialist Dayne Yeager. For illustration:

• Taxes are payments made to governments in exchange for public goods and services like roads, schools, police protection and more–and they affect our trucking industry in many ways.

• Taxes impact diesel fuel prices at gas stations and truck stops. These taxes increase costs across our industry, from drivers who have to pay more out-of-pocket when fueling their trucks before long hauls across state lines to companies whose fleets use lots of fuel per mile driven to shippers who need extra bulk storage tanks to avoid running out.

Consuming Money Is The Best Way To Boost The Economy, But Do Your Best To Keep It Local

Dayne Yeager Spending money is the most effective method to stimulate the economy; however, you should make every effort to keep that spending as local as possible. Increasing spending will lead to a greater extension of the workforce and the company as a whole. This will have a positive impact on employment levels across the board, including in the transportation sector.