Dr. Peter Driscoll: Why Plastic Surgeons Are Needed In Healthcare


Plastic surgeons are special types of medical doctors who specialize in the surgical care of patients with malformations, defects, and injuries of the skin, breasts, and related tissues. They also treat patients requiring reconstruction after cancer surgery and other destructive diseases. For that, Dr. Peter Driscoll will explain the reasons why plastic surgeons are needed in the healthcare system today.

Plastic Surgeons Help People With Facial Deformities, Burns, And Wounds

Dr. Peter Driscoll Plastic surgeons are trained to treat various physical deformities in the human face and head. These medical professionals can help people who have had an accident or birth defect, as well as chilDren born with facial deformities. Plastic surgeons also perform reconstructive surgery procedures on patients who have been burned, either by fire or chemicals.

Plastic Surgeons Treat Breast Cancer Patients By Removing Tumors And Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women throughout the years, which can be treated successfully with medical procedures such as plastic surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Breast reconstruction is a plastic surgical procedure that restores the shape and size of a woman’s breast after a mastectomy. This surgical procedure can help you feel more like yourself again after breast cancer treatment.

Plastic Surgeons Help Burn Victims By Restoring Function To Damaged Body Parts

Burns is a serious physical injury that can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement on one’s body. The best plastic surgeons can use skin grafts to restore the functionality of damaged body parts. Skin grafts are used to replace skin that has been burned away by fire, chemicals, or radiation therapy treatments.

Plastic Surgeons Can Fix Birth Defects Such As Cleft Palate Repair And Limb Lengthening

And finally, the best plastic surgeons can help treat many different types of birth defects, such as the cleft palate and uneven limb lengths. In fact, these surgeons can repair any type of cleft palate issue, as well as perform limb-lengthening surgical procedures to correct the most common physical deformities in chilDren.